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Here at PhoenixBrowz, we stay up to date on the newest techniques from different Masters around the world. Every beautiful customer like you receives top of the line product and quality service. Text your questions to (480) 930 - 5887 or book directly below. 

*A $75 non-refundable deposit required upon booking an appointment. The deposit will go towards your service.*





  • Tired of filling in your brows or lips?

  • Over plugged your brows years ago.. now hair won't grow?  

  • Or would love 20 minutes extra in the mornings so you can enjoy coffee?

I can help! And the consultation is completely free! The consultation will be 30 minutes. We will discuss any concerns, issues, shape, pick out colors, and even discuss the Microblading healing process! We will set expectations for the appointment day. This can be done through FaceTime or In-Person. ​

Email to find out the availabilities for free consultation, or text 480-930-5887 for any questions!



Microblading is a treatment where we tattoo fine eyebrows hairs onto your face using a hand tool with tiny blades. The implanted pigment in the upper region of the dermis simulates the appearance of natural hair. Two sessions are highly recommended as most clients won’t see their desired color result with only one session. 

Microblading is meant to be a natural enhancement, and creates a fuller brow look. Clients who already have semi full brow hair will see the best results and just want to perfect their shape. The more hair you have, the more natural it will appear.

Recommended skin type: DRY Skin Type (ONLY)

How long does it last on average: 1 - 2 years depends on skin type and aftercare

*Although it is considered permanent makeup, yearly touchup is recommended as the pigments fade away overtime.


Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Powder method is a shading technique using a machine that creates micro-dots of pigments inserting into the skin. This pigment slowly builds up the color and defines its shape. Two sessions are highly recommended as most clients won’t see their desired color result with only one session. Especially for corrective work. Touchups can be scheduled between 4 - 8 weeks.


The final healed result of Ombre Powder Eyebrpws is powdered filled brows similar to the look of eyebrow pencil filled. With a wide range of colors and shading we can go as dramatic or natural as you want. Our signature soft, misty fronts creates a natural and subtle look.



Recommended skin type: ALL Skin Type (Best for Oily Type Skin!)

How long does it last on average: 2 - 3 years depends on skin type and aftercare

*Although it is considered permanent makeup, yearly touchup is recommended as the pigments fade away overtime.


Combo Brows

This technique is the combination of Microblading & Ombre/Powder Brow. The head of the brow will be done with the manual technique to create natural hair look, and darken towards the end of the tail with the Ombre look.


lip blush is a tint for your natural lip enhancement! No more straw embrassment accidnets during happy hours!

Cosmetic tattooing that enhances your natural lip color, shape and definition to create the illusion of a fuller lip. We offer variety of colors and color combination to give you your own perfect shade and shape. Bring in your favorite lipstick or a picture on the day of your appointment!

*Price Includes: (1) initial session + (1) touch up in 10 weeks + (1) exfoliation treatment in 20 weeks.

3D Areola Restoration


3D areola reconstruction is a great way to regain your condifience back! The natural one is gone? We create a better & prettier one just for you!

3D Areola Restoration is a tattoo that gives the look of a real areola, and the protrusion of the nipple if there is not one presented. This service can be the final part of an emotional and brave journey for women and men who have undergone breast surgery or a mastectomy. This procedure can restore the natural beauty of your nipples and breasts as well as give you a more confident outlook about yourself and your body.

Color Correction

$100 Additional

All color correction will be charged $100 additional per service. This only applies to clients who had their brows permanently tattooed previously by another artist(s).


If your brows are in good shape, but color is faded, and/or it turned gray/blue/red:

   We can easily make it right!

If your brows are in good shape, but color is very dark & strong still:

     A removal might be needed!

If the colors of your brows are good, but shape is NOT WHAT YOU WANTED:

    A removal might be needed!


Contact me & send me a picture of your brows with no makeup (or a free consultation can also be scheduled) to find out what your options are. During the consultation, we can discuss the steps needed in order to make you feeling fabulous again!!!



*Please note: Any client coming to me from a different artist is considered a new client, with full prices.

Brow Removals


If you have poorly done permanent make-up brows (or body tattoo like areola or arm), we can help. We use Li-FT pigment lightning solution to remove unwanted pigment. Li-FT is manufactured in USA by Li Pigments, a safe, high content salt and fruit seed extract solution that deems extremely effective in pigment lightening. 


Removals usually take between 2 - 3 sessions to lighten & see the result. This is a 3 sessions removal package for your brow // body tattoo removal. Any credit remaining can be applied to other services offered: Powder Brows, Lip Blush, or Facials.

Emergency Brow Removals


I understand and I am sorry for what happened; I will try my best to help if time permits! 

If you just had your brows done and you are absolutely hating it and wanting it gone, emergency Microblading eyebrow removals can help to pull out the pigment from your skin. Resulting in lighter healed brows. Emergency removal needs to be performed within 48 hours of your original tattoo procedure. Please text me below information to (480) - 930 - 5887:

Service: Emergency brow removal

Initial eyebrow service was on (date/time): 

A selfie of your current eyebrows in good lighting

Microneedling PhiBright


Microneedling has been clinically shown to fade the appearance of scarring. Including stretch marks, acne, and other surface scaring. It helps triggering the body’s healing response. New, stronger, more elastic fibers replace the scar tissue. The final result will be skin that looks smoother and feels more youthful.​

Microneedling is used for a very wide range of conditions includes:

  • Wrinkles

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Oily and Problematic skin

  • Hyper-pigmentation

  • Scars

  • Acne scars

  • Enlarged pores

  • stretch marks

  • Alopecia

Brow Lamination


Eyebrows lamination is a great temporary substitution for permanent makeup brows if you are not ready to commit, yet still want that bold & fluffy brow look that last more than one grocery run! We will work with your existing hair to give you fluffier shaped brows without using any needles!


How long does it last on average: 4 to 8 weeks with proper care

PMU Touchup (1 - 3 Months)


Touch-up should be scheduled 8 weeks after the initial treatments for Microblading or 4 - 6 weeks for Ombre & lips. During the touch-up session, we will correct any spots that didn't heal nicely. Your first touchup should be scheduled within 4 months of your initial touchup. 

PMU Touchup (3 - 7 Months)


PMU Touchup (7 - 12 Months)


This session is often not required, it is optional to certain clients. Due to certain skin type and daily routine, your tattoo ink might faded sooner than others. If you think a touchup might be needed, don't hesitant to let me know! 

PMU Touchup (12 - 18months)


Yearly touch-up should be scheduled around 12 - 18 months after the initial treatments. During the touch-up session, we will fill make your brow sharp again by giving it more color!


*If your brows were perviously done by another artist, you will be considered as new client. Please send me a picture of your brows and we can chat!

Desperately looking for Microblading near me treatment? For anti aging facial near me? PhoenixBrowz is the Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo in phoenix you can trust. Our professionals will focus on your individual needs and promise that you will get the service you deserve. Now, choose us while searching for ombre powder brows near me and always look your best!


Services & Pricing

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