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happy customer review about waterproof brows

I went in to get my eyebrows microbladed and was blown away by how great they look! It’s a long process but Abby was super patient and helpful throughout the whole thing. She’s also just a really great person so it makes the appointment fly by! She did such an amazing job and I always get complimented on my brows. I recommend her to everyone! She’s helped me feel so much more confident in my own skin!

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Zoe B.


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Welcome to PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio & Academy! Our mission is to practice Permanent Makeup Services, including the artistic application of semi permanent eyebrow techniques, with the highest level of safety,professionalism, and skill at our location in Tempe,
Arizona. PhoenixBrowz Beauty was inspired by the modernAsian Natural Beauty and incorporated different advanced permanentmakeup techniques from Masters around the world.

Here at PhoenixBrowz, we offer a variety of permanent makeup services such as Microblading permanent makeup eyebrows, semi permanent brows, nano brows, Ombre Brows, Microshading, lip blush, and more! Our focus is on achieving perfect brows through realistic hair strokes eyebrow techniques, ensuring the most natural and realistic results. As one of the top board-certified PMU artists, we take pride in providing the artistry of natural eyebrows that beautifully enhance your features. Be a part of this exciting adventure and experience a pristine, makeup ready look 24/7! You'll leave feeling your absolute best!

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Text us now with your name, services you are interested in, and your questions! We will get back to you within 24 hours!


Training Classes

Learn in a small-sized class with more intimate hands-on practice with a trainer, specializing in permanent makeup eyebrows, including semi permanent brows. This approach enriches and enhances learning through spontaneous interaction. All training comes with a completion certificate: Microblading Certificate, Natural Powder Brows Certificate. Join us for an immersive experience, mastering realistic hair strokes eyebrow techniques and achieving perfect brows. Schedule a Zoom Call to learn more about our Training Classes!

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Why Train With Us?

Whether you are brand new to the Permanent Cosmetic MakeUp or a
new artist needing additional help - we have a program for you! We
are a professionally licensed beauty studio located in Tempe, AZ. We
pride our permanent makeup training course in the best hands-on real
life experience with multiple real models. Course includes:
Microblading Training and Ombre Brows training. Unlimited
Support included.

Live Training Courses

Group or Private Training

Attending an in-person Microblading and Shading course, and
receiving live demo and actual hands-on experience with live
model(s) of your own is critical as a beginner. Full Student Lux Kit
includes a Microblading Machine for ombre powder brow, organic
pigment lines, and more! Lifetime Support. Additional shadow day
available. Payment Plan available upon request.

Microblading Training

Mentorship Program

Certified Artist Only

For experienced artists or newly certified artists that need little extra
help. Whether you are looking to focus on a certain PMU skillset or a
beginner looking to start in this industry, we are here to help!

Sessions can be scheduled in-person or Face-Time. Topics include:
powder eyebrow tattoo techniques, mapping, Microblading aftercare,
branding, social, LLC & more!

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Ombre Powder Eyebrows

The most natural permanent makeup near me!

Do you spend your precious mornings to ensure your brows are
perfect - but not everyday is an easy battle?! At PhoenixBrowz, we
recommend trying out our combo brows or Microblade and Shade to
create that natural yet makeup ready look! Eyebrows define and
frame our faces, helping us look more energetic. Leave the work to
our PMU artists who are experts in realistic hair strokes eyebrow
techniques and achieving natural eyebrows. Allows us to show you
the perfect brows you get to wake up with every day.

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Abby Rogan

Hi, I'm Abby Rogan

I discovered powder brow tattoo in a department store when visiting
Thailand in 2015. I sat on that procedure chair for three hours, and - it
changed my life!!! The powder brows healing process was a breeze
and I no longer needed to do my brows every morning from that day
forward. To me, it was an easy confidence booster especially during
that time of the month. My passion for creative artistry and the desire

to have more freedom from work motivated me to seek out a new

Today, PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio and Academy has had hundreds
of happy customers and students. We pride our training program with
#1 real live model experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my upcoming eyebrows permanent cosmetic appointment?

Your permanent eyebrow tattoo journey starts before you even step your foot into my studio! (Yeeeesss, that's right!)

Please follow below for the best permanent eyebrow powdering healing result:

  • Avoid coffee and alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment to prevent excessive pain and bleeding

  • Avoid any blood thinners 24 hours prior to your appointment

  • Botox should be performed either 2 weeks prior or after your appointment

  • Fillers should be performed either 6 weeks prior or after your appointment

  • Covid vaccine should be performed either 2 weeks prior or after your appointment

For Semi Permanent Eyebrows:

  • Please avoid brow waxing or tinting one week before to prevent unnecessary sensitivity. Avoid any eyelash growth serum 2 weeks before or after your appointment as well.

For Lip Blush:

  • If your appointment is booked during an outbreak of cold  sores on your lips the procedure may not be done. Please be aware that if you have the simplex virus herpes, you may awaken an outbreak following this treatment. It is highly recommended to take an anti-viral medication such as Zivorax 5 days before, then the day of, then 5 days after or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Avoid lip injections 4 weeks before and after this treatment.​​

  • Extra strength Tylenol can be taken if you have low pain tolerance.​

*On the appointment day, we will draw the shape with pencils first.

Tattooing will not start until you have approved the shape and color.*

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