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  • Do you offer free consultation?
    Yes, we do! A 30 minutes consultation can be scheduled and we can discuss any concerns, issues, shapes, and even pick out colors for your upcoming medical tattoos procedure! The consultation can be scheduled through FaceTime/Zoom or in-person. Please email to find out the availabilities for free consultation, or text 480-930-5887 for any questions!
  • Who should not receive a permanent cosmetics procedure?
    You are under 18 years old You are pregnant or nursing You are taking blood thinning medications You are currently using Accutane, or have used Accutane within the past year Have heart Conditions/Pace Maker/Defibrillator Have HIV or Hepatitis or any other infectious or viral diseases You are taking medication that may affect how your skin responds to blood clotting and healing You “keloid” scar, you need to ask your doctor (raised scarring)
  • How can I prepare for permanent makeup appointment?
    Your permanent cosmetic tattoo journey starts before you even step your foot into my studio! (Yeeeesss, that's right!) Please try to follow below for the best potential healing result: Avoid coffee and alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment to prevent excessive pain and bleeding Avoid any blood thinners 24 hours prior Avoid power shakes and power greens, Fish Oil supplements 24 hours prior to procedure Botox should be performed either 2 weeks prior or after your appointment Fillers should be performed either 6 weeks prior or after your appointment Covid vaccine should be performed either 2 weeks prior or after your appointment ​ For Eyebrows: Please avoid brow waxing or tinting one week before to prevent unnecessary sensitivity. Avoid any eyelash growth serum 2 weeks before or after your appointment as well. ​ For Lip Blush: If your appointment is booked during an outbreak of cold sores on your lips the procedure may not be done. Please be aware that if you have the simplex virus herpes, you may awaken an outbreak following this treatment. It is highly recommended to take an anti-viral medication such as Zivorax 5 days before, then the day of, then 5 days after or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist. Avoid lip injections 4 weeks before and after this treatment. ​ ​ Extra strength Tylenol can be taken if you have low pain tolerance. On the appointment day, we will draw the shape with pencils first. Tattooing will not start until you have approved the shape and color.
  • What is the permanent makeup healing process like?
    The average healing process is around 7-10 days but it will take up to 30 days for the color to fully shown. During the healing process, you will experience peeling and color loss after scabs fell off. This is completely normal and the color will come back within a week or so. Learn more about the before / after process, please visit "Treatment Care" tab on the navigation bar.
  • Does permanent makeup procedure hurts?
    It is slightly uncomfortable but completely bearable. Numbing cream is used throughout the procedure to make you comfortable. Pain tolerance varies from client to client, while some clients don't feel any discomfort.​ If you are nervous about pain, you may take 1-2 Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment. DO NOT take Advil or drink coffee before your appointment. Caffeine and Advil will cause you to bleed lots and makes you more sensitive during the procedure.
  • How long will it last?
    Although it is considered permanent makeup, yearly touchup is recommended for the color boosting. Depends on your skin, health and if you come for touchup refreshers. Pigments naturally fade away overtime, on average your permanent makeup tattoo will last from 2 - 5 years while Microblading last average 1-2 years. Here are some factors will cause your semi-permanent tattoo to fade faster: Oily Skin Retinol or Vitamin C Iron deficiency Sun exposure Exfoliation
  • Is one session enough to achieve desired result?
    1st touchup is highly recommended for everyone. The first session is mainly to lock the brow shape, while the 2nd session will be focused on the brow color and shading. It is necessary for you to come back within 6-8 weeks for your initial touchup as some spots might healed lighter than the others. Most of the clients will not see the desired result with only one session, especially if you've gotten a correction done. However, some clients are truly satisfied with their result after the initial treatment. If you cannot find a specific spot on the booking system for your touchup, please email Abby at Touchups will be an extra charge and the touchup fee does go up after a period of time after the initial appointment. Refer to the "services" page on this website to see the touchup fee pricing scale. Yearly color retention maintenance is highly recommended after.
  • "I've had my brows/lips done by a different artist, can you touch them up?"
    It depends! Please email Abby a picture of your tattoo first or a consultation may be required. During the consultation, we can discuss the options and see if a removal might be needed. Any client coming to me from a different artist is considered a new client, with full prices.
  • What is best form of payment?
    We take payment via cash or Venmo/GooglePay/Zelle. Debit and credit cards are also acceptable as well.
  • Is it customary to tip for permanent makeup?
    Tips are very much appreciated! As in any service-based industry, it is customary to tip 10-20%.
  • Is Microblading permanent?
    Although Microblading considers as a Permanent Makeup procedure, it is actually designed to fade over time. Since everyone has different skin type and life style, it really varies based on individuals. Factors like metabolism, age, and medication can affect how long it will last. Sun exposure and tanning beds can also effect on how the pigments are broken down. Microblading on average lasts between 1 – 3 years based on your skin type, daily rountine, and how well you followed the aftercare steps. (Same applies to all permanent makeup procedures.)
  • Can I get Lip Blush if I have Lip Filler?
    Yes, Lip filler does not interfere with the process of lip tattooing or the results. But please note that lip filler and lip blush appointments MUST be at least 4 weeks apart from each other.
  • Does Lip Blush trigger cold sores?
    This procedure can trigger cold sores for carriers of the herpes simplex virus. To prevent cold sores from flaring up it is recommended to go to your family doctor and get Zovirax or another antiviral medication prescribed to take 5 days prior procedure, the day of, and 5 days after. Note that a cold sore outbreak can alter the healed results of the tattoo.
  • Can we go outside the lip line for Lip Blush ?
    Yes, only 2mm. The skin on the lips is not the same as on the face and things can look unnatural or get unpredictable when we tattoo too far outside the natural lipline.
  • What is Microneedling?
    Microneedling has been clinically shown to fade the appearance of scarring - including stretch marks, acne, and other surface scaring. It gently open the collagen fibers at the surface of the skin using micro-needles. The needles glide over the dermis layer of the skin breaking up the tough, stringy fibers that make up scar tissue. Your body recognizes the minor physical abrasions caused by the microneedles. Triggering the body’s healing response. New, stronger, more elastic fibers replace the current existing/old scar tissue. The final result will be skin that looks smoother and feels more youthful.
  • What is Microneedling PhiBright?
    Microneedling PhiBright is a treatment adapted to the individual needs of different skin types and conditions. PhiBright is an effective, safe, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique. Custom serums will be created for each client, by first determining their needs based on: Phototype Skin type Skin conditions Depth of wrinkles Visible dark circles The presence of scars The presence of hyper pigmentation The presence of sebum and impurities on the skin Factors that affect the skin condition and lifestyle of the client We put all the gathered information into PhiBright app (created by one of the best educational training school- PhiAcademy). The result is a precise and quality serum for the best outcome. A palette of 15 different PhiBright serum enables personalized treatment just for you! Microneedling is used for a very wide range of conditions includes: Wrinkles Dehydrated skin Oily and Problematic skin Hyper-pigmentation Scars Acne scars Enlarged pores stretch marks Alopecia
  • What is brow lamination?
    Eyebrow Lamination is often known as "perm for eyebrows", but without using the same harsh chemicals. Eyebrow lamination is a great temporily substitution for permanent makeup eyebrows if you are not ready to commit, yet still want that bold & fluffy brow look! We will work with your existing hair to give you fluffier shaped brows without any needles! Recommended skin type: ALL skin type
  • How long does brow lamination last?
    Eyebrows lamination can last up to 8 weeks with proper care.
  • Is brow lamination safe?
    Yes, 100%! The product is not going to damage your brow hair or skin, yet the chemicals used can cause mirror irritation around your eyelid area if the skin is exposed. We also offer patch test for any allergic reactions as needed. The test can be done 24 hours prior to the brow lamination treatment.
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