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Treatment Care

Before and After Care

(Microblading | Ombre Powder Brows | Lip Blushing | 3D Areola Tattoo) 

Please read through the FAQs page before your appointment. 
Please note that your appointment will only be rejected/cancelled if you are:
Under 18 years old
Pregnant or nursing
Taking blood thinning medications or using Accutane

Before Your Appointment

  • No working out right before procedure

  • No caffeine or other stimulants

  • No blood thinner 24 hours prior

  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior 

  • Avoid waxing or tinting one week before

  • Avoid any eyelash growth serum (on lashes or brows) 2 weeks before & after your appointment

  • Avoid power shakes and power greens, Fish Oil supplements 24 hours prior to procedure

  • Botox should not be performed within 2 weeks prior or after your appointment

  • Fillers should not be performed within 6 weeks prior or after your appointment

  • You have to be off any kind of Accutane for 1 year. NO Exceptions!

  • NO COVID-19 Vaccine 14 days prior or after!!!! (If you have received the booster vaccine within14 days of your appointment, we will have to reschedule your treatment date. Please plan accordingly ❤)

Lip Blush:

If your appointment is booked during an outbreak of cold  sores on your lips the procedure may not be done. Please be aware that if you have the simplex virus herpes, you may awaken an outbreak following this treatment. It is highly recommended to take an anti-viral medication such as Zivorax 5 days before, then the day of, then 5 days after or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Avoid lip injections 4 weeks before and after this treatment.

  • Exfoliate & moisturize your lips nightly 5 days before your appointment

For the best retention, you should... 

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning one week prior to the permanent makeup procedure

  • Discontinue Glycolics, Chemical Peels and Retin-A 4 weeks prior

  • Refrain from use of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your procedure.

During Your Appointment

Let's have a step-to-step walk through, so you know exactly what to expect during your appointment!!!

  1. Welcome! Let's fill out some client forms!

  2. We will go over the expectations, shape, and color again (which we discussed during our consultation).

  3. Before Photos :)

  4. Mapping - I will map one side first (brow/lip/areola) until you are satisfied with the shape, then I will copy the same shape to the other side

  5. After the final shape is decided, we will numb the area. Please note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle as well.

  6. Procedure starts! - the main procedure takes about 40 - 90 minutes + soaking

  7. Reveal & After Picture time :) 

After Your Appointment

  • Do Not get them wet (no sweating or swimming for 10 days)

  • Do Not rub, pick or scratch the treated area. (Or it will scar!)

  • Avoid pool, sauna, steam rooms, hot showers and/or hot baths for 3 weeks

  • No direct sun exposure and tanning beds (minimum of 4 weeks)

  • No makeup or skincare products to be used on the treated area for 10 days

  • No facials, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion on the treated area for 4 weeks

  • No tinting (minimum of 2 weeks)

  • Avoid Retin-A, Chemical Peels and Microderms around the tattooed area once healed

  • Avoid any skincare that has the words "acid", "retin-a", or "glycol" on the treated area

Don't stress! We will provide you an after-care kit with everything you need to take home with you!

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