Brow Guidance Session

Are you a certified brow artist but needs more help on your technique? 

We can help! Email us now and we can discuss on the area you need help with. We can even schedule a FaceTime Consultation to see if we are a good fit! 


Brow Guidance Session


I have been there! Just spent thousand of dollars on a certification from a master class plus traveling expenses!!! And you still are not confident on performing permanent makeup brow procedures on clients on your own. Wether it's because you didn't have enough hands-on training or just needs a little bit more guidance, we are here to help!


During the guidance session, you will have the trainer's full attention. You  can ask any questions  you have had during your brow journey from brow mapping, pigment selection, technique, and more!  We will help you to gain more confident so you can start taking your own clients at your own free time!


How long is the brow guidance?

The session will be as long as we need to finish ONE live model. I will guide you throughout the entire session. I will be there to assist, correct your body posture, and give advice on shading technique as needed. 

On average, it takes 2.5 hours - 3.5 hours to perform a brow procedure without distraction; 3.5 hours - 5.5 hours for guidance session depends on how much questions you have and the skill level. 

How much does eyebrow guidance cost?

The guidance session is $495 solo. 

Book with your friend together - and each receive 15% off.

Who provides the brow model?

It is student's responsibility to bring in a model with her/him. If you need help with finding model, or would like the trainer to provide a model for your brow guidance course, please email us: before booking your session online

How do I schedule the session online?

Please go to BOOKNOW page and select "Brow Guidance Session" under Trainings. 

$100 non-deposit refundable is required upon booking. 

Any question, please email us: 

Does this guidance session come with certificate?

Only TRAININGs come with certificate upon graduation. Guidance session does not come with a certificate. 

Please visit our training page for certifiable course. 

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