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Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

At our PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio and Academy, we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty through the artistry of permanent makeup, with a particular focus on lash line tattoos and cosmetic permanent eyeliner. Our permanent makeup eyeliner services include various options such as eyeliner tattoos, natural eyeliner tattoos, and eyelash enhancement tattoos.


Our skilled technicians are trained in the latest techniques to create flawless and long-lasting results that accentuate your eyes and simplify your beauty routine. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement for everyday wear or a bolder, more dramatic look, our experienced professionals will work closely with you to achieve the perfect style that complements your unique features.

We prioritize safety, hygiene, and client satisfaction. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and our team follows strict sanitation protocols to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for our clients. Experience the transformative benefits of cosmetic permanent eyeliner with the trusted experts at PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio and Academy.


Say goodbye to the hassle of daily eyeliner application and hello to a radiant, effortlessly put-together appearance that lasts. Book your appointment now.

What is the difference between eyeliner tattoo and permanent makeup eyeliner?

At PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio and Academy, both terms refer to the same procedure. We use advanced techniques to implant pigments into the skin, providing long-lasting and smudge-proof results. Whether you call it a natural eyeliner tattoo or permanent makeup eyeliner, our skilled technicians ensure a natural and beautiful enhancement to your eyes.

How long does the natural eyeliner tattoo procedure take?

The duration of the procedure can vary depending on the desired look and the individual's skin. On average, the process takes about 2 to 3 hours. This includes consultation, design selection, and the actual application of the cosmetic permanent eyeliner. We prioritize precision and take the time needed to achieve optimal results.

Is the eyeliner tattooing process painful?

Our clients' comfort is a top priority. While some may experience minor discomfort, we use numbing agents to minimize any potential pain during the procedure. Most individuals find the process tolerable and are pleased with the results, making it a small investment for long-term convenience.

How long does the permanent eyeliner last, and is it truly permanent?

Permanent eyeliner from PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio and Academy typically lasts for several years. While the pigments do not wash away, they may gradually fade over time. Factors such as sun exposure and skincare routines can influence longevity. However, our skilled technicians ensure that you enjoy a lasting and beautiful enhancement.

Can I choose the thickness and style of my permanent eyeliner?

Absolutely! During the consultation, our experienced technicians will discuss your preferences and help you choose the best style and thickness for your eyeliner. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, our team at PhoenixBrowz is committed to tailoring the cosmetic permanent eyeliner to complement your unique features and personal style.

How long does the color of the eyelid tattoo last, and can it be adjusted over time?

The longevity of the eyelid tattoo color varies from person to person, influenced by factors such as sun exposure and skincare routines. The color typically lasts for several years, and while it may gradually fade, adjustments can be made during touch-up sessions to maintain the vibrancy and ensure your eyelid tattoo looks as stunning as ever. At our studio, we focus more on natural lash line enhancement vs traditional eyeliner tattoo for long term purposes.

What is the purpose of an eyelash enhancement tattoo, and how does it differ from traditional eyelash extensions?

An eyelash enhancement tattoo at PhoenixBrowz Beauty Studio and Academy is designed to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes without the need for daily mascara application or traditional eyelash extensions. Unlike extensions, which involve attaching artificial lashes to natural ones, the eyelash enhancement tattoo focuses on adding pigment along the lash line to enhance the appearance of existing lashes. This semi-permanent solution offers a natural and effortless look, saving time and providing a long-lasting enhancement to your eyelashes.


Before and after photos of our permanent makeup eyeliner procedures. 

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