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Preparations You Need to Do Before a Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Using eyeliners can make a notable impact on your appearance. It can help you to emphasize your eyes, give the illusion of bigger eyes or make your lashes thicker and darker. Most women apply eyeliner using pencils, brushes, liquids, glasses, and crayons but you can avoid these hassles by doing a permanent eyeliner procedure from a reputable beauty studio. It is a simple process that will give you an extraordinary makeup look. In this blog, you will learn which preparations you need to do before a permanent eyeliner procedure.

Preparations for Permanent Eyeliner Procedure:

Choose Your Preferences:

Before doing this procedure you should keep in mind that this is a permanent procedure and that will be with you for a longer time. Most women try to mimic the eyeliner daily. To get the eyeliner procedure perfectly, you need to choose the thickness, A thin line seems very natural, a barely noticeable enhancement to your eyes and lashes, while a thick line can be more dramatic and defining. You will also choose the shape, the crispness or softness, and the colour most women request black or brown.

Choose a Proper Date for the Procedure:

Do not schedule a permanent makeup procedure directly before an important occasion or a vacation. You will need a few days to heal. The eyelid area will be moderately swollen for a few days. Although you can complete everyday tasks during this time, you may want to avoid social engagements and energetic activities. Plan to stay away from the sun.

Be Ready for the Day:

The procedure is time-consuming and could last up to three hours, so plan accordingly. Some people prefer not to drive afterwards due to swelling and sensitivity, but it doesn’t keep you from driving. If you wear contact lenses, don’t forget to bring your glasses.

Prepare Your Eyes for the Procedure:

If you are using contact lenses please remove them before the procedure and your technician will recommend you not to wear them for 1-2 days afterwards. You should also not use an eyelash curler or mascara on the day of the procedure. However, you should wear your preferred eyeliner, so the technician can mimic the line’s shape and thickness during the procedure.


If you want to avoid the hassles of using daily eyeliner, you can choose our permanent eyeliner procedure. Please let us know if you like this blog. For a permanent eyeliner procedure contact us directly or leave a comment below.


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