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Lip Blush Before and After Care: A Complete Guide!

Lip Blush Before and After

Hey, are you tired of coloring your lips every day while in a rush? Or do you find it irritating when lipstick gets on your teeth? A lip blush tattoo is your answer! This semi-permanent makeup adds definition and fullness to your lips while correcting the symmetry!

But for the best outcome, it’s necessary to maintain the lip blush before and after care! Need help with how to do so? Let us help you!

How to Do Perfect Lip Blush Before and After Care: Straight from Pros

Since lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup, you can expect it to last forever. But yes, you can hold this natural beauty of your lip color by maintaining proper before and after care. Here’s HOW you should start:

Lip Blush Before Care:

Here are the things you need to take care of before you go for the lip blush treatment:

#1: No Sun, no sweat, no tan!

At least one week before your lip blush appointment, avoid direct sun exposure, especially on your face. Or else these will exfoliate after a few days and cause faded natural lip blush color.

#2: No workout!

Never go for an intense workout on the day of your lip blush appointment since the body heat can open the pores, and the lip blush tattoo doesn’t set perfectly!

#3: Avoid Facial Treatments:

While thinking of getting botox, filers, or even chemical peels, try to avoid it at least six weeks ahead of your lip blush procedure. Otherwise, it can cause complications for both semi-permanent treatments.

Lip Blush After Care:

Just like before lip blush care, there are some rules to follow after the procedure to ensure the best outcomes. Such as:

#1: Avoid Direct Sunlight!

As mentioned earlier, you can’t get exposed to direct sunlight before the lip blush procedure. Similarly, stay away from the sun, especially your face. Otherwise, the sun rays may fade the pigment when the natural color of lip blush settles into your lips.

#2: No rubbing and wiping!

Yes, you may feel irritated in the treated area after the treatment. Still, try not to rub, scrub, scratch, or even wipe your lips until they dry! After all, germs get attracted to moisture, and it can cause an infection there.

Also, avoid having spicy food, hot liquids, and even oily and salty foods while keeping your lips moist every time!

Helpful? Let us know! And if you want a lip blush tattoo, book your appointment now.


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