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Luscious Lips Unveiled: Decoding Every Lip Blush FAQ

Lip Blush

Don’t you have time to spend coloring your lips every day? Worry about your leaving marks on the wine glass during brunch? Stop being worried because we have a treatment that can enhance the beauty of your natural lip color! Save time and feel confident through a lip blush tattoo now!

It is a type of semi-permanent makeup to improve the natural beauty of your lip color, correct asymmetry, and add fullness.

At PhoenixBrowz, we offer free consultations for lip blushing and neutralizing to our new and existing clients. 

Need more info? Let us answer all your FAQs related to lip blush!

What Should I Know About This Permanent Makeup Procedure?

Permanent makeup treatments get invented to save you time and money in the long run. For instance, lip blushing lasts 2-3 years on average. However,

results can vary from person to person depending on various factors such as age, skin texture, lifestyle, and more.

Note that you need to be at least 18 years old to receive the treatment. Besides, we do not recommend any permanent makeup procedure, including lip blushing while breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

Does Lip Blush Trigger Cold Sores?

Yes! It can trigger cold sores for carriers of the herpes simplex virus. To prevent cold sores from flaring up, we recommend going to your family doctor and getting Zovirax or another antiviral medication prescribed to take five days prior procedure, the day of, and five days after. 

Remember, cold sores can alter the healed results of the tattoo.

Can I Opt For Lip Blush If I Have Lip Filler?

Yes, Lip filler treatment does not interfere with lip tattooing. But your lip filler and blush appointments must be at least five weeks apart.

Can I go outside the lipline for Lip Blush?

Yes, you can do only 2mm. The skin in that area is not the same as on the face. So you may look unnatural or unpredictable when you tattoo too far outside the natural lip-line.

What Will You Do During The Consultation?

Our aestheticians will discuss questions or your concerns, review shapes, and pick out colors for the procedure! 

Check out our lip blush before and after photos to notice the transformative impact of our lip color tattoo and lip-neutralizing procedures.

We also suggest bringing in your favorite lipstick or a picture with you on the day of your permanent lip tattoo appointment! Hope, this blog was informative. Book now!


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