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Lash Liner Vs. Traditional Eyeliner: What's the Difference?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


The art of applying eyeliner has become an essential tool in every makeup lover's kit to achieve a dramatic or subtle look. Among the various types of eyeliners available in the market, lash liner and traditional eyeliner stand out as two of the most popular ones. While they share the same purpose of defining the eyes, there are significant differences between these two techniques.

Do you have any ideas about semi-permanent makeup applications? Then before beautifying your eyes, read the entire blog to learn their differences first!

What Is Lash Liner?

Lash liner is a technique where you apply eyeliner to the upper waterline of your eyes. This technique involves implanting pigment along the lash line, which will make your lashes appear fuller and thicker, creating a subtle and natural look. This semi-permanent makeup application will give you natural and eye-opening efefct for years.

What Is Traditional Eyeliner?

Traditional eyeliner is any type of liner applied above the lashes, creating a visible line. The line can be thick or thin, depending on your preference. And that is what you can achieve using a pencil, liquid, or gel liner. In this regard, you can also use a versatile tool to create a variety of looks, from a classic winged liner to a smoky eye.

Difference #1: Application

The main difference between lash liners and traditional eyeliners is the application technique. Lash liner is applied to the upper waterline of the eye, while traditional eyeliner lies above the lash line. Lash liner requires a steady hand and a precise brush, while traditional eyeliner needs different tools, such as a pencil or a felt-tip pen.

Difference #2: Finish

Lash liner creates a subtle and natural look, while traditional eyeliner can create a range of finishes, from a classic and clean line to a bold and dramatic one. The Lash liner is perfect for those who want to enhance the appearance of their lashes without looking too made up. But traditional eyeliner is ideal for those who want to make a statement with their eye makeup.

Difference #3: Comfort

A Lash liner is a more comfortable option than traditional eyeliner as it’s applied to the waterline, which is less sensitive than the skin above the lashes. Traditional eyeliner can sometimes feel heavy and uncomfortable, especially if you apply a thick line or use a product that is not well-suited to your skin type.

Final Words

To summarize, lash liner and traditional eyeliner can help you achieve a stunning eye makeup look. And the decision of which one to choose ultimately depends on your personal preference. But if you are interested in trying out lash liner and ensuring flawless application, we invite you to visit our permanent makeup studio. Our highly trained professionals will help you achieve your desired look. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and beauty tips!


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