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Everything You Need To Know About Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

In a world of superficial beauty standards that idolize beauty and attractive physical appearance, women strive hard to fit into the beauty standards and feel accepted. Any kind of imperfection is frowned upon, which compels women with even a minute flaw to go to great lengths to fix it. Be it dry and colorless lips, uneven or sparse eyebrows, or some physical flaws, today, no flaw is too big to be not fixed, thanks to advanced beauty treatments. Sparse and patchy eyebrows can be taken care of by semi permanent eyebrows.

Semi-permanent eyebrows are a makeup treatment that has taken the beauty industry by storm and received an overwhelming response from makeup enthusiasts. It has gifted bold and dramatic eyebrows to women who lamented their sparse and patchy eyebrows. Are you thinking of trying out semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatment but are in a dilemma if it would be the right decision? Here is everything you need to know about semi-permanent eyebrows before deciding on whether to go for it or not.

Facts about semi-permanent eyebrows

The Technique

Semi-permanent eyebrows involve the meticulous application of pigment into the skin's upper dermal layers. This technique creates fine, hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs, resulting in a lifelike and sculpted effect.

Candidate ideal for semi-permanent eyebrows

It is not how little brow hair you have that qualifies you as a right candidate for semi-permanent eyebrows but your skin type. Is your skin too sensitive? Do you find acne and pimples popping up in your face now and then? If yes, then you may not be the right candidate at the moment as semi-permanent eyebrows cause some inflammation in the skin initially, which may worsen the present skin problems. Likewise, skin discharging excessive oil may not be ideal for semi-permanent eyebrows as oil can make semi-permanent eyebrows fade faster.

Is the treatment painful?

While pain tolerance varies from one person to another, most individuals describe the sensation as minor discomfort rather than pain. The brow artist applies numbing creams on your eyebrows before starting the procedure to minimize any potential discomfort. The entire experience is manageable and relatively swift, typically lasting between one to two hours. Expect to experience slight discomfort during the procedure but not unbearable pain.

Healing and Aftercare

After the procedure, a healing process begins. The initial color may appear darker and more intense, gradually softening over the next few weeks. How well and fast your eyebrows heal depends on how carefully you follow the aftercare instructions. Thus, it's essential to follow aftercare instructions diligently, which often include keeping the treated area clean, avoiding excessive moisture, and refraining from picking or scratching.

Longevity and Touch-Ups

Semi-permanent eyebrows last between one to three years, with touch-up sessions recommended to maintain the eyebrows just as they are. These touch-ups help refresh and refine the color and shape, ensuring your semi-permanent eyebrows continue to enhance your features.

Where to go for a stunning eyebrow makeover?

Do your sparse, patchy eyebrows prevent you from looking your best? Do you dream of waking up one morning with dramatic and fuller eyebrows? Are you looking for top-notch semi-permanent eyebrows? Your quest for a stunning eyebrow makeover reaches its conclusion at our makeup studio. We are a trusted name in Arizona for all the beauty needs of women. Visit our Instagram to learn about our makeup services in detail.


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