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Brow Lamination - 5 FAQs You Would Love to Explore!

Brow Lamination

Who doesn’t want to have fuller-looking brows with natural shaping? These are one of the most distinctive features of your face. And to make your dream come true, brow lamination can be the right choice. It’s actually a perm for your brows, which gives them a uniform shape for an extended period of time. It involves straightening brow hair using a chemical solution and placing them in the same upward direction, which gives an illusion of full-hair brows.

Want to undergo this procedure to give your eyebrows a fabulous fluffy look? Explore the following FAQs first.

What You Need to Know about Brow Lamination

Why Should You Get Brows Laminated?

How Would Your Brows Look after The Treatment?

Once the procedure is done, your brows look thicker, fluffier, and darker. They look like brushed-up brows. This technique works best with natural hair. Now you can take a break from your brow pencil.

How Long Does the Result Last?

Brow lamination usually lasts for four to six weeks. It depends on how you take care of your brows. With proper care, your brows can last up to eight weeks. But after six weeks, it’s advisable to get your brows re-laminated to maintain your look for a long time.

Is It Safe?

Yes, this procedure is 100% safe. The product we use will not damage your skin and brows. If you have an allergy, the chemicals may create minor irritation around your eyelid. And that is the reason why we offer patch testing 24 hours before the treatment to verify allergic reactions.

How Would You Take Care of Your Brows?

  • Try to keep your eyebrows dry for at least 24 hours and avoid touching the area.

  • Avoid sleeping on your front within 24-48 hours.

  • Don’t exfoliate the treated area for at least 72 hours.

  • To maintain healthy eyebrow hair, you can apply a conditioning eyebrow serum.

Want to undergo brow lamination to give your eyebrows a perfect shape? Visit our permanent makeup studio! We always prioritize the highest level of safety and hygiene. All our experts are highly trained. So, rely on us!


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