Ultimate 1vs1 Brow Training


Eyebrow Course

Our intense fundamental eyebrow course is completely customizable for all your needs to help you jump start in the beauty industry! Choosing between Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows Training Course? We have an all-inclusive PMU brow course for 4 days that comes with 4 live models! This intensive program are designed specifically for beginners into the world of semi-permanent cosmetic makeup tattooing. Our academy focus on real hands-on life experience because we believe the best way to learn is from doing and learning from mistakes! This training comes with the best hands-on experiences you will find in Arizona!!!!

The comprehensive training course will not only teach you all aspects of Microblading and Micro-Shading. Also teach you greeting clients, drawing eyebrows, and after care. Business basics of how to setup LLC, Facebook Marketing, and Social Media Management. You’ll learn directly from a brow master and practice your craft on live models. You will leave this program with not only a certification, but also the confidence and real-life experience to succeed. Students will receive FACETIME Access to trainer for real-time help after graduation! 





Hands-On Experience


This intense 4 DAY beginner course covers everything you need to know about PMU brows from creating realistic hair alike storks for Microblading to beautiful Ombre Powder Brows. Get ready for some hard work!

We believe the best way to learn is through doing a great job and learning from mistakes. Students will have 4 Live Models throughout the course under trainer's direct supervision. We will be right by your side and provide all the help and assistant as you need!

Students enroll in the 4Day Ultimate Brow Course will receive all the bonus topic sessions as the 3D Powder Brow Course PLUS a lunch network on the house on Day3. This is your time to ask any or all of the questions you have over a yummy lunch of your choice! 

PROFESSIONAL BROW ARTIST KIT will be included in this private training. This kit will supply your first 15 clients with everything you need! For more information on the Professional brow artist kit, please visit the FAQs Session.

6 Months FaceTime Access to trainer for any questions and answers, guidance and critiques to help you succeed in the beauty industry! After 6 months VIP Access, students have access to trainer via email for general Q&A and supports for life! You don't have to do this alone!


We are a licensed beauty studio located in beautiful Sun State of Tempe, Arizona. Our trainer, Abby, is professionally trained and certified by multiple master artists in not only United States but Internationally. We pride ourselves in the best learning experience by providing hands-on real life experience. Choosing a program with multiple live-models not only helps you master the artistry technique better, but helps you build up confidence. You will never feel lost after graduating from our program! We will be taking pictures & videos for you while you work on your models so you can promote your work on social media and Google!


We offer 6 months VIP FACETIME Access with this program and UNLIMITED continuous support after the VIP Prime Access via text and email. Want to network with fellow artists in the same industry? We've got private student group to communicate with each other and help each other grow! Trust me,  you will have lots of questions when you first start your small business and we are here to support each other! It's the era of collaboration instead of competition!!!!   

A Professional Brow Artist Kit is included in your training course. The kit comes with all the essential supplies for minimal of 15 brow clients including aftercare gels! You can accept your first dozen brow models and clients without purchasing more needles or pigments! We provide quality permanent makeup tattoo machines that uses universal needles so you can pass health inspection. All tattoo cartridges comes with safety membrane to prevent blood back flow. Our academy provides only the best quality products and services to our students and clients! 

1 VS 1


Microblading, powder brows, combo brows, correction brows, color theory, bonus topics, Professional Brow Artist Kit for MINIMAL 15 procedures, 6 months VIP Access + lifetime unlimited support, 4 live models, 1 lunch network included



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5/26 5/27 & 5/29 5/30 
6/14 - 6/17