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What Will You Learn from Ombre Powder Brow Training?

Powser Ombre Brows

In a survey, we have found that demand for semi-permanent makeup, especially ombre powder brows, has skyrocketed in recent years among clients. Yet, while thinking of pursuing your career in the PMU industry, mastering this technique is essential to go further. We are providing ombre powder brow training for newbie permanent makeup artists so they can improve their skills better. And if you are interested, you can definitely join the course!

But a question may be popping up in your mind, like what kind of training you will get from this course or what you will learn, right? Well, we have broken down a few things here for you to have a better understanding of our ombre powder brow course.

Essential basics of ombre powder brow technique

If you have no previous experience with the ombre powder brow process, you don’t have to worry about it. In this course, you can learn from the basics like:

  • Machine shading

  • Needle configurations

  • Hand movements for manual shading

  • Stretching techniques

  • Required needle lengths

  • Machine settings and more.

Skin and color theory:

Since every skin is different, so is their skin tone and texture. When you join an ombre powder brow training course, you learn the anatomy of the skin, including pigmentation and pigment compositions so you can apply eyebrow pigments properly during the technique.

Brow mapping techniques:

During the ombre powder brow course, you can learn brow mapping techniques. It will be helpful for you to figure out the ideal brow shape on your client’s face and draw the ombre brows perfectly. Also, you can have an idea of symmetry, eyebrow shapes, and facial forms.

Natural and dramatic eyebrows:

The fine difference between natural and dramatic eyebrows is their strokes and patterns. While using machine shading or doing ombre brows manually, having an idea of patterns and strokes is necessary to meet the look your client desires.

Moreover, we guarantee that you will learn all these techniques steps by step from us while acquiring knowledge on:

  • How to get more new clients and difficult customers

  • How to set up LLC for your business

  • Branding and marketing

  • Work on the demo models under your trainer

Wrapping Up

Finally, you will get certification in ombre powder brows and start your business with our ombre powder brow training. And if you want to know how we train, you can check videos and pictures of our sessions on our Facebook page. Stay connected!


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