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What to Know about Microneedling? 5 FAQs Revealed!


Microneedling is one of the most popular and effective methods of facial rejuvenation. This anti-aging treatment can improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It’s also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) which involves dermal needling or skin needling. It works best to give you younger-looking skin.

So, why not undergo this treatment to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles? Below are the crucial FAQs you need to know about it beforehand.

FAQs on Microneedling

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure in which experts use fine needles to puncture the skin with a serum comprising a high concentration of active ingredients. The needles will open the collagen fibers at the surface of your skin gently. And that is what breaks up the stringy and tough fibers to make up scar tissues.

When your skin repairs and regenerates, the tissues will soften fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in improved overall skin tone.

PhiBright Microneedling is an advanced version of Microneedling that works effectively when it comes to eliminating skin imperfections. It adapts to the individual needs of various skin types and conditions.

Why Undergo Microneedling?

Microneedling can stimulate collagen and elastin production. And that is what will help you fight fine lines and wrinkles.

It plays a pivotal role in reducing the appearance of sun damage and age spots.

In this treatment, the wound healing mechanism will stimulate your body to produce new cells, making fine lines and wrinkles less apparent.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

No! You will not feel any discomfort or pain. The topical numbing cream we apply prior to the procedure can minimize and eliminate pain caused by the cosmetic procedure.

Why is Your Face Peeling after the Treatment?

Peeling is a part of the body’s healing process. Microneedling results in peeling and flaking on the treated area. But after 3-4 days, the swelling will reduce. And the treatment will start to work its magic.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

It actually depends on your skin condition. Stretch marks require five-session, while moderate acne scars need 3-4 sessions. We recommend three to four treatments per year for skin conditions caused by aging. During your first visit, our experts will assess the number of treatments to provide you with the best result.

We are a reliable beauty studio you can contact when looking for Microneedling. We treat each client with extreme care and leave no stone unturned to give a satisfying return. So, book our service immediately!


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