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Ombre Powder Brow Aftercare: Essential Dos and Don'ts!

Omber Powder brow

Imagine waking up to perfectly shaped and beautifully shaded eyebrows every morning – no more filling in or worrying about smudged makeup. Ombre powder brows can make this dream a reality, giving you effortlessly flawless brows that last. But, achieving and maintaining this brow perfection requires more than just the initial procedure. Hence, to ensure your ombre powder brows stand the test of time, let's explore the crucial dos and don'ts of aftercare.


Enjoy a Gentle Cleanse: Post-procedure, gently cleanse your brow area using a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. Use lukewarm water and soft cotton pads or your fingertips to avoid disturbing the healing process.

Nourish with Care: Regularly apply the recommended aftercare balm or ointment, as advised by your brow artist. It helps prevent excessive dryness and maintains consistent pigment distribution.

Handle Water with Caution: While maintaining cleanliness is paramount, avoid exposing your new brows to prolonged water exposure for the first week. Skip those lengthy showers and swimming sessions.

Embrace Sun Protection: Shield your ombre powder brows from direct sunlight by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. UV rays can fade the pigment and dull the vibrancy.

Patience is Key: Allow any scabbing or flaking to occur naturally. Avoid the urge to pick or scratch, as it could lead to uneven healing and loss of color.


Touch Your Brows: Refrain from touching your freshly treated ombre powder brows with unclean hands. It prevents infections and minimizes irritation during the crucial healing phase.

Use Makeup: Give your brows a makeup-free break during the healing period. Makeup can introduce harmful bacteria and disrupt the healing process.

Involve in Workouts: Hold off on intense workouts or activities that lead to excessive sweating for about a week.

Use Oily Products: Keep oily facial products away from your brows. Oil-based products can cause premature fading of the pigments, affecting the long-term results.

Think about Touch-Ups: Avoid rushing into touch-up appointments. Wait until your brows are fully healed before considering additional touch-ups to ensure optimal results.

Opt for Steam: While you might enjoy saunas and steam rooms, they can hinder the healing process of your ombre powder brows. Save these experiences for after your brows have fully healed.

Are you excited about your upcoming ombre powder brows? Contact us to fulfill your desire! And, by adhering to these dos and don'ts, you will ensure that your investment in stunning brows pays off for years to come. Follow us on Facebook for more updates!


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