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Ombre Brows Aftercare - A Few Crucial FAQs Revealed!

Ombre Brows

Ombre powder brows are one of the most popular versions of semi-permanent makeup techniques. It uses a combination of shading and dots to fill the brows and make them look symmetrical. But confusion arises when it comes to caring for your brows. Yes! Aftercare is pivotal to getting an effective result of the treatment! And keeping this in mind, we have highlighted a few crucial FAQs on ombre brows aftercare that you should be aware of. So, keep scrolling down.

What to Know about Ombre Brows Aftercare

How Long Does It Need to Care for Ombre Brows?

The healing period of ombre powder brows is around 4-6 weeks. It actually depends on your skin type and lifestyle. But you need not follow the aftercare routine for a long time. In this regard, the most crucial phase is the first 10 days after the treatment. Be careful when your brows are fresh.

How Would You Clean Your Brows?

It’s best to use a damp cotton pad for cleaning powder brows. Pat the eyebrow region to remove lymph and then dry it gently. And don’t forget to use an aftercare ointment. Stay away from skincare products that can damage the result of ombre powder brows.

When Can You Wash Your Eyebrows after the Treatment?

Try to keep your brows from getting wet for a few days after the treatment. And during these days, if your brows are exposed to water, it can damage the pigmentation.

Keep your brows dry for at least 2-3 hours after the treatment, and wipe them with a damp cotton pad. Ensure you repeat this process to remove lymph pigment. But after the first day, you can wash your brows without rubbing.

Can You Take a Shower after the Appointment?

Yes, you are allowed to shower. But keep it short! Remember, steam and vapour can damage powder brows. Hence, it’s wise to keep the duration for 5 minutes with warm water. Use protective patches to keep your brows from getting wet. But ask your makeup artist about it.

The result of this semi-permanent makeup may fade after a certain time. But regular touch-ups can increase the longevity of ombre powder brows. So, what keeps you waiting? Call us today! We have a team of highly trained makeup artists who can make your eyebrows look fuller and symmetrical. Visit us on Facebook to get more updates.


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