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Key Information about Brow Lamination You Should Be Aware of

Brow lamination

Brow lamination is a relatively new technique in the world of eyebrow grooming. It involves using a special solution that tames unruly hairs, smoothing them into place and giving the brows a fuller and more defined appearance.

Are you willing to get your brows laminated? Then be aware of a few crucial things about brow lamination before booking an appointment. And these are the details we have shared in this blog post.

What to Know about Brow Lamination

You Will Need to Prep Your Brows

Before you go in for your brow lamination appointment, prep your brows. It typically involves growing out your brows for a few weeks prior to your appointment and avoiding any tweezing or waxing. Ensure your brows are clean and free from makeup on the day of your appointment.

Brow Lamination Can Help You Achieve Different Looks

One of the great things about brow lamination is that it can be customized to achieve different looks. Whether you want a natural look or something more sculpted and dramatic, we will work with you to achieve the desired outcome.

The Process Takes About an Hour

Brow lamination typically takes about an hour to complete. During this time, the technician will apply a special solution to your brows, combing the hairs into place to achieve the desired look. The solution will then be left to set for a few minutes before the technician removes it and applies a nourishing serum to the brows.

Avoid Getting Your Brows Wet

Avoid getting your brows wet for the first 24 hours after your brow lamination appointment. It means avoiding activities like swimming, sweating heavily, or using steam rooms or saunas. Also, avoid applying any products to your brows during this time.

Get It Done by an Experienced Technician

Finally, choose an experienced technician when getting your brows laminated. It's not a technique that should be attempted at home. And obtaining the desired results necessitates a particular level of competence and expertise. Do your research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations to ensure you work with a qualified professional.


Brow lamination can be a great option for those looking to achieve a more defined look for their brows. However, by understanding what to expect before, during, and after your appointment, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for the process and can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results. So, schedule an appointment right away and stay updated by visiting our Facebook page.


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